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Have you ever seen the words “emerald” and “blockchain” placed in one sentence? And in one project? Here we introduce the project GEMERA which aims to mix the protected digital assets managed by the blockchain technology and physical Colombian emeralds stored in the safe depositories in company’s safe.

About the Project

GEMERA project provides a token supported by a limited and required asset - emeralds, that can also be used for trading and that can be redeemed. The whole project will transform the emeralds distribution chain, linking producers and customers with a crypto token that can be traded or used to store value.

According to the developers, GEMERA project solves several problems, both for investors and emerald producers, such as high prices for the mineral, excessive risks when investing in emeralds. Additionally, it will allow small investors to enter the market and to increase profit for producers through elimination of many intermediaries.

The team has already partnered with some emerald manufacturers - Colombian company 4Cs Emeralds, which has the full ability to supply emeralds that support GEMERA token (GEMA).

The project also develops a marketplace on the website for future GEMERA token owners who want to redeem their tokens for emeralds. Each of them is accompanied by accurate information: name, characteristics, price in GEMERA, certification, as well as photos from different perspectives and 360° video.

The project will use the ethereum network to store all the information and status of each emerald and InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) for audit and re-certification.

The project identified the following competitors with the most well-known differences:

The team intends to solve the issues of storage, insurance and audit of emeralds. Before the storage phase, the reliable suppliers will guarantee the emeralds. GEMERA project has a strict protocol for the introduction of new emeralds in depositories of companies’ safes in the countries that have security standards for storing precious minerals. To enhance the transparency of the process, an annual inspection is developed by a trusted company.

GEMERA works through a separate issuing and management company.

The first, GEMERA Ltd., is registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), and the second, GEMERA Ltd., in Hong Kong. Thus, the company is in compliance with legislation, including taxes, AML and KYC. 4Cs Emeralds Colombia Ltd. exports emeralds and delivers them to GEMERA.

According to the roadmap, the terms of the project are as follows: the team started work in the first half of 2017 and by now (3th quarter,2018) has concluded a partnership agreement, compiled a business model, developed a marketing strategy and, in just a couple of days, will launch token presale. The main public sale is planned for the 4th quarter of 2018 (without a specific date) and the launch of the platform will start in 2nd quarter, 2019.

Overall score: Good


GEMA is an asset-backed token, which means that the token will be provided with physical emeralds. Each emerald has a fixed amount of GEMERA, according to its weight and quality, which is determined through the Emerald Assessment Process, a model developed by GEMERA (its features are not specified).

As it has been already mentioned, GEMERA is a token based on the ERC-20. Tokens can be exchanged on crypto exchanges, used as a value depository, can be transferred to different wallets and be redeemed for physical emeralds. The team says that the overall amount of tokens will compose 100 million tokens issued by 2029.

Token exchange for real emeralds will be possible due to the following steps:

  • Know your customer (KYC) / Money Laundering (AML) procedure;
  • GEMERA holders choose the emeralds they want to purchase;
  • Token holders send the required amount of GEMERA;
  • Emeralds can be delivered by secure mail (the purchaser will cover this cost) in the country of residence of the owner of the token;
  • Redeemed tokens will be destroyed in order to maintain a balance between circulated tokens and the total value of stored emeralds.

GEMERA charges a fee of 3% for token which will be redeemed by the process foreclosure.

Funds collected during the ICO will be distributed as follows:

Token sale will take place in 4 stages:

The project foresees a soft cap ($500,000) and a hard cap ($30,000,000). In 2018 there will be issued 30,000,000 tokens.

Overall score: Not enough

Team and Community

The project team is represented by 8 members and 8 advisors. The team has 3 founders - Jorge Peláez, Jorge Peláez and Nataly León. The first two are entrepreneurs with experience (however, specific projects aren’t mentioned), and Nataly heads a company that owns an emerald mine in Colombia. The rest of the team is engaged in marketing and business development. It’s noteworthy that the project doesn’t have a CTO, but only a blockchain developer and a full-stack developer.

On the other hand, the advisors look pretty impressive: among them we could find a founder of the crypto wallet Coinomi - George Kimionis, and a president of the Colombian Emerald Producers Association - Edwin Molina.

As for media activity, the project has followers, but the community isn’t very big: Twitter - 2,873 followers (only 10 likes), Facebook - 9,883 followers, Telegram - 1,905 participants. The project has its own channel in YouTube, which has only 3 videos, a blog in Medium, which is also not very active. However, there has been a recent activity in Reddit. The project also places its work in Github.

GEMERA is listed in different rating agencies - ICOBench, ICOHolder, Trackico, Coinshedule, ICOBazaar and others.

Overall score: could be better, there are prospects

ICO Details

Total Supply 100,000,000 GEMA

For Sale 30,000,000 GEMA (30%)

Soft Cap $500,000

Hard Cap $30,000,000

Additional Emission No

Accepted Currencies ETH

Token Type ERC-20

GEMA Price ~$1

Sale Starts September 10, 2018

Sale Ends December 12, 2018

Bonuses Yes

Bounty No


Like many other projects, the GEMERA team has good intentions - a desire to make the precious minerals market transparent and profitable for producers is a good idea, where blockchain technology actually fits. A positive sign is an agreement with a real manufacturer that can provide token with a real asset to be backed on.

However, neither the project website, nor the whitepaper and the small team size bring any clarity to the technical side of the project, which indicates that the idea is far from being realized. We won’t remind that high-tech projects are valuable when they use technologies while allowing users to use and understand them.

Click here to visit GEMERA page in the list of upcoming ICOs.

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