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Aug. 17, 2018

The team behind the project has come up with a research of existing centralized playgrounds and conducted a survey on a need for a project that showed its relevance. So here is GoodGameCenter which seeks to combine the basic needs of the gaming community.

About the Project

GoodGameCenter is an international community gaming center that uses blockchain technology to develop the following areas:

• Gambling - a platform for gambling games and betting, runs on ethereum platform and issues payments to players.

• Freelance - where disputes settlement among players is mediated by a system of the internal tribunal, guarantees payment for performing orders with a minimum commission.

• Media - thematic news, articles, blogs and forums with a reward system for content submission.

• Arena - is a variation of centralized cyber platforms without any subscription fees and with minimum commission for tournaments that makes use of the native GGC tokens.

• Marketplace - a platform for trading in items within any online game with a minimum commission (1%) by using GGC tokens.

According to the whitepaper, main competitors of the Marketplace are Steam and Opskins but the project offers better conditions due to a lower commission, decentralized system that helps to avoid fraud and theft of large number of gaming-related items. The whitepaper doesn’t mention anything about the competitor that would challenge other areas of the platform seeks to address.

The roadmap of the project assumes its development until 2020: in August-September of this year the team plans to present the project to investors and conduct negotiations with partners within the gaming industry (not mentioning any names). Platform launch is planned for December, 2019. GGC token will be distributed through crypto exchanges in April, 2019. Therefore by the end of 2018, we can expect only crowdfunding stage while the testing and launching are scheduled in 2019.

In addition, there is no data on legal aspects of the project neither in the whitepaper nor on the official website.

Overall score: unclear


Token issuing will compose of 500,000,000 GGC and will happen just for once. GGC token is a utility token based on ERC-20, which will support all actions within the platform. Users will use GGC token as a payroll unit for all transactions in the system and as a basis for interplay between digital services of the platform. GGC token will allow the inputting of, and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies, fiat money and game items. All transactions will be protected by smart contracts.

Working process is the following:

After the platform begins work, the team plans to list GGC tokens in crypto-exchanges.

Within the ICO the distribution of tokens is: 70% to ICO participants, 10% to the team, 7% to the bounty and referral program, 13% to the reserve fund. Tokens will be frozen until 2020, platform launch date.

Overall score: good

Team and Community

Information about the team and its experience is extremely poor. The official website says that the founder Viacheslav Krikunenko is a blockchain developer. There are also two co-founders, CFO and community director. Among other team members is an IT director, web developers and a frontend developer. The team doesn’t have any specialists in promotion, advertising, ICO advisors and early investors listed.

The project is presented in all major social networks and media resources, except GitHub, but the activity of the team and subscribers could have been greater.

Overall score: unsatisfactory

ICO Details

Total Supply 500,000,000 GGC

For Sale 350,000,000 GGC (70%)

Soft Cap $1,000,000

Hard Cap $2,000,000

Additional Emission No

Accepted Currencies ETH

Token Type ERC-20

GGC Price $0,07 – 0,42

Sale Starts August 13, 2018

Sale Ends January 27, 2019

Bonuses Yes

Bounty Yes


The idea of the project is clear and understandable as millions of people are members of the gaming community and need their own ecosystem, which could include both the games and access to the global market of gaming items. However, as according to the whitepaper, the project is at an early stage of development, despite the fact work began in 2017, and serious conclusions about its viability can’t be made.

Despite the team's statements that the project was created on the basis of the gaming community needs, now the activity of its followers and their reaction to the project cannot be observed. Perhaps that will appear later when the team undertakes marketing actions in accordance with the roadmap.

The positive moment consists in the rather small crowdfunding amount - only 2 million dollars, which indicates the team in not focused on quick profit, but on fully developing the project. In any case, the idea will remain just an idea without its technical and marketing implementation.

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