Most Common ICO Mistakes
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Following the news of growth in number of ongoing ICOs and an ever increasing amount of collected funds, decided to dive into the ocean of startups, that emerged in the first half of 2018 and report on the most common mistakes ICOs’ make on their websites that may deter potential investors and investing angels.

A Web Page Is Like a Face

The main target of any ICO project is to collect the planned amount of money in order to launching or develop the project (at least we believe in it). They do that by attracting as much public attention to themselves as possible. Therefore a quality designer work on a web page can immediately make a positive impression.

Good job!

Maybe better have another go at it?

Content Is Crucial

Any startup is a risky for an investor who need to be convinced that the project deserves funding and faith. The more information project’s website contains, the more confidence it’s likely to generate. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a website that aims to raise money through crowdfunding of any sort, should provide fundamental and complete facts like the team, main idea, terms of token sale, road map and, of course, a whitepaper - the more the merrier. Besides that, if a project reckons it can take on the whole world, then the information must be available in different languages.

Well done!


Halfway to Success With a Good Team

Any idea is born in the head, then this head finds like-minded people and shapes the complete idea. All the great companies from Boeing to Apple did it that way. From this, it can be deducted that a good team with a detailed biography is the key to success. The most valuable team shouldn’t just include only IT-specialists, but be balanced with skilled advisors, real partners, blockchain experts, professionals with ICO experience and lawyers, who are responsible for the legal aspects of the project. This is especially relevant in the unstable and undefined legal field of ICO.

Well covered!

A bit more detail wouldn't hurt!

Whitepper is the heart of ICO

Not gonna start a revolution here when saying that the heart of any crypto startup is its whitepeper, which should be clear, reveal the essence, necessity and originality of the project, include all the risks, tokenomics and information of MVP. A special extra would be a separate technical pepper.

Coinsidently, here’s an example...

Legal Base

One of the very first things to pay attention to is the info on the legal entity behind the project and its availability, because the registration of the company indicates the presence of obligations, indicating how serious is the team when it comes developing the business.

Jolly good!

As Homer Simpson would put it: D’oh!

If you’re an investor when choosing a project, be sure to pay attention to the above things, and if you are a project team just try to present as much useful and necessary information as possible so it that can be cross-checked to verify authenticity and viability of the startup.

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