Comino - a More Efficient Way to Mine
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As cryptocurrency market continues to grow, more people want to become involved in cryptocurrency mining, most solutions are rather tricky to those not at an expert level when it comes to hardware. Comino co-founder and CEO Evgeny Vlasov has spoken to about the product.

“we assemble the complete product and offer it as a plug and play device. No one on this market does complete devices with GPU cards inside.... our miners are absolutely adapted for home use,” Vlasov says.

Comino which mines Etherium and zCash, provide an all in one solution that only needs to be plugged into the socket dropping any extra hassle of setting up the device or trying to make sure the rig stays cool. And what sets Comino apart from the rest is the liquid cooling system which allows the device to run noise and dust free while the GPU’s are overclocked by at least 20%.

Vlasov also adds that the user only needs to push the button to start the process as cryptocurrency will be deposited straight to the wallet that Comino provides. Even though Ethereum and zCash are the only two cryptocurrencies that can be mined, Comino’s co-founder stresses that these are the two most profitable options when it comes to GPU mining and it would be much cheaper to then exchange those cryptocurrencies into the one desired by the user, even taking account of transaction fees.

And the fun doesn’t stop just with mining as the device can also be used for development of databases, artificial intelligence research and development of neural networks, oh and it can also work as a radiator for warming up your home during cold winters, nice touch.

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