What to expect from markets tomorrow: the ultimate elections cheat sheet
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After the stock market roller coaster of the past weeks, it is clear that this year's elections will have a serious impact on the markets in the U.S. and worldwide whether we like it or not. What to prepare for?

Bloomberg's experts have compiled a detailed 'cheat sheet' guide on most likely reactions of the key markets after today's grand finale of this year's eventful presidential race. Considering that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been going head to head the last days thanks to the unexpected FBI probe of Clinton's email controversy among other factors, the possibility of each of them becoming the next American president is more real than ever.

U.S. stock market slips thanks to a new FBI probe of Clinton email scandal

The outcome of today's voting will have an impact not only on dollar and the U.S. stock market and domestic economy but also at a number of largest international economies and sectors. The two very different scenarios on how the markets might move in the next few days are outlined in this guide together with a separate scenario that is likely to result from the Democrats sweeping the Senate and the House of Representatives.

This guide presents the opinion of the Wall Street analysts but, as with everything at the elections, no one can give a 100% guarantee, especially when it comes to markets.

Trump vs. Clinton: the destiny of these 4 major stock industries is at stake

Source: Bloomberg

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