Crypto Trading is Now a Piece of Cake - With Tycoon
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If crypto trading seemed like a lot of work, this is changing now, with Tycoon introducing the best version of copy trading.

You won't need to keep your eyes on every market change, nor on new cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is find a top trader and let the Tycoon software replicate his trading activity.

How is Tycoon Different From Other Copy-trade Platforms?

So far, Tycoon is the only trading platform that actually seeks to create a win-win situation for every party involved in the process.

Tycoon is based on the share business model, so both followers and traders can benefit from each other's activities.

Followers will get at 70% of the generated profit, the rest of 30% being sent to the platform as a fee. From this fee, traders will receive extra profits depending on their profit rates and the number of followers.

And if the trader is suddenly failing, the followers’ assets will be protected because of the stop-loss function. Users can set up a limit of profit when they choose a pro to follow, and if the limit is crossed, the software will stop copy-trading immediately.

Besides, newbies can always sign up for the demo account so that they can make decisions without the fear of losing money.

Does Tycoon Have its Own Token?

Yes, and guess what - it is on sale until March 31!

Having these tokens not only pairs you with a future currency gem, but it also gives additional bonuses to users - like the 25% discount on the share profit fee.

There is a total supply of 140 million TYC, and it will be distributed as follows:

  • 60% for Sale;
  • 18% for Team;
  • 14% for Partnerships;
  • 5% for Airdrops;
  • 3% for Advisors.

Who Developed Tycoon?

Besides the Tycoon ecosystem stays a team of dedicated and experienced people, led by Serdar Bisi - a talented business manager passionate about crypto trading.

Together with Hakan Turgut, Semira Keklik, Pedro Merkl and his core team, the CEO will make the most out of blockchain technology.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your TYC and join the most innovative crypto trading platform of the year!

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