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If you already are a cryptocurrency user, you will be happy to know that a new company is on its way to expand the crypto payments usability. AMEPAY’s team aims to convince various merchants to accept transactions in coins and tokens, developing technologies that make everything much more simple.

Who is AMEPAY?

AMEPAY is a cryptocurrency-based payments alternative developed by a team with 8 years of experience in providing PoS software and hardware solutions, alongside business development knowledge. Javed Mohamed, together with his partner, Kamalakannan Venkatraman, manage a team of 19 people and so far the results are amazing!

Their purpose is to make cryptocurrencies a regular method of payment, starting from South Asia to soon the entire world. With that in mind, the company is focused to develop useful and secure technologies for both customers and merchants. In other words, it focuses on the main relationship in the world.

What does AMEPAY offer?

First of all, AMEPAY uses blockchain technology for a completely secure decentralized network. That way, no matter how the government or banks behave, users will have full control over their income.

And second – it has the whole package.

AMEPAY developed four big features in order to achieve their goal – its own token, wallet, POS merchant’s app and even an initial exchange offering.

AME Token

Built with the Ethereum based ERC-2P protocol, the AME token is the cryptocurrency that the company wants to use for all payments and transactions on their network. On the sidelines, users can settle payments and perform crypto-to-crypto or fiat transactions, like any other cryptocurrency. But the AME Token also comes with cashback and cross-border transactions.

Its affordable price of just 2 cents opens the gates to millions of people, no matter if they come for B2B fund transfers, trading, or just to generate passive income.

Take note that over 70% of the 1.5 billion AME tokens are allocated to users, which highlights their respect for clients.


After creating its own token, it was obvious that the company also needed a wallet for it, right? And with that, AMEPAY provided users with awesome tools, so that they can successfully manage their income. For example, users can track their account balance, transactions and even spending habits. They can also generate paper wallet codes and create multiple wallet addresses. Not to mention that it is available on different platforms, like Android or iOS.

And when it comes to commission, the company also makes a name for itself, having a minimal fee of just 1% on every transaction. But the most engaging part is what users can do together with the POS merchant’s app!

AMEPAY Merchant

This is where the company’s goal begins to take shape.

With AMEPAY Merchants, users can pay for things directly with AME tokens whether the merchants use cryptocurrencies or not. And that’s because when somebody pays with tokens, the merchant can choose in what form they want their payment, even in fiat.

The conversion happens instantly, and both the customer and the merchant are satisfied.


AMEPAY has a big destination – getting over 1 million merchants to join its platform in just one year. It is an inspiring and provocative approach, making us aware that we don’t have to wait for the future to get the best technologies.

This is why the company planned an initial exchange offering for December 2020, so that people can contribute in achieving the company's goal.

What are the benefits?

The AMEPAY platform comes with a lot of benefits for both users and merchants. The payment is simple and offers so many methods to settle. Customers feel safe, the transactions are secure, and there’s no centralized entity to take control. Users enjoy rewards for every transaction, merchants get more customers, and the payment is quick and efficient.

And if you are a merchant yourself, bear in mind that the new generations are hyped for everything that says "evolution" and "change." Be up to date with the technology and bring the future closer to the present!

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