Leader of Russian Crypto-economy Launches Coin Mining Service
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Since October 2019 Intelion will provide its customers with the opportunity to reach new heights in the mining of cryptocurrency.

Intelion has a wide strategy in terms of the company's growth and developing the crypto economy in Russia. Now the company's customers will be able to mine digital currency completely avoiding the purchasing and configuration issues. They also don't have to bother by security and tech support. As Intelion says on their website, they will take care of all technical details.

The coin mining service will provide cloud mining opportunities for clients from all over the world. Intelion's representative Alexandr Shashkov encourages clients to come and see for themselves how data-centers are operated:

"Every cent you invest is spent on an actual piece of equipment. Buy yourself a plane ticket and come to visit our facilities. We believe that our clients have every right to know absolutely everything about our work here."

Also, Intelion is the very first company in the Russian crypto business which provides its clients with insurance. The company now has a contract with one of the largest insurance companies.

Intelion operates since 2017. Today the company owns more than 6,000 pieces of equipment and about 100 MW of computing power ready for operation. The company is known for its transparency and customer-focus policy. Due to the contracts with electricity-producing companies, Intelion could set competitive prices for electricity and provide an uninterrupted power supply.

Cloud mining is becoming increasingly popular in Russia and around the world. Experienced users switch from mining with their equipment to cloud mining, thereby relieving themselves of unnecessary risks.

At the moment, the company’s website has already opened the sale of BTC - contracts.

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